I suppose that some people might think of skydiving as the ultimate high, the biggest thrill they might experience while in a human body.  Just ask my ex-husband, the skyjacker!  But that’s not what does it for me.

At our Unity of Sedona service today, the spiritual leader quoted Edgar Cayce as saying “the biggest cure for depression is service.”  It does all seem to come back to that. Whenever I find myself feeling boxed in by life’s events or discouragement over how long it is taking to have certain key dreams of mine manifest, whenever I can come back to a focus of helping others, that is what ultimately uplifts me as well.  My Vedic Astrology counseling work has been my gift to share for decades, as those who have readings with me often find the answers they have been searching for high and wide.  It is nice to get their feedback, too, when certain predictions come to pass.  If you would like to learn more about that service, please visit my website

It is so true that there are times in our lives, that no matter how strong we may be, any of us could use a helping hand, or shoulder to cry on for a few moments, so that we can relax into feeling heard, seen, understood and “gotten” for who we are and what we are going through.  No matter our own circumstances, that is a gift we can give others, if we will just take the time.  The inner satisfaction, expansion and fulfillment we feel at helping a fellow human being is so much grander than any soaring through the air, risking life and limb through sky diving, in my opinion!  I know that the people who have offered these gifts to me in certain critical moments of my life, such as I wrote about in my book Falling Over Reno: The True Story of the Skyjacker’s Wife, made a such a positive impression in my life. What those blessed friends and relatives did for me made all the difference at the time. Just being there, just listening, just caring, and reassuring me that everything was going to be all right. Their tender touch on my life when my spirit felt so crushed made a grand contribution to where I am today and who I turned out to be. 

Today’s Daily Word, from Unity, has the perfect message to underscore my points, so I’ll share it with you here:


As I give, so I receive. By choosing to help a fellow traveler on the road of life, I make a difference for them as well as for myself. I become a conduit of God’s love.

I may recall a time when another person saw my pain or dilemma and reached out; a parent, a friend, teacher, coach, or even a stranger stepped forward to help me. As I think back on those times, I realize that in some way they changed my life for the better. I, too, can be that conduit of divine love and compassion.

Today I open my awareness to another whose life would be made better through my kindness, my compassion. The power of a simple act of caring never ceases to amaze me. I make a positive difference as I demonstrate the love of God.

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.—Mark 12:31