Just as many of you may have experienced, I lost an old friend yesterday. She reached the end of her long fight with cancer.  She was a most generous, kind-hearted and wonderful lady who will be sorely missed by her friends and family alike. She was my age.

Events like these make me pause and consider “I wonder how many days are left in this Earth School journey?”  Or to quote that Jack Nicholson line in one of the movies he made with Shirley MacLaine (That Evening Sun) “Just how many more days are there left till Christmas?”

There are so many ways of looking at this subject. We can look back at all we have accomplished and take some comfort in that. Too often we think more along the lines of what we feel we have yet to do or to experience.  Sometimes it is hard not to slip into a bit of a funk and feel that one is just “Punching the Time Clock on Planet Earth.” I certainly have days like that.

As I now contemplate the new horizons that my spiritual friend has soared up into, it brings me back to questions of the purpose of this life.  The service at the Unity church I attend in Sedona was very good today.  There were reminders of remembering “who we are” i.e. spiritual Beings who have come here to have a human experience. So often we make it much harder on ourselves than it needs to be.  If some direction I’ve been attempting to move in proves full of obstacles, I now take that as a sign from the Universe to let it go.  What is meant to be should come with ease and Grace.

I’ve already tried it “the hard way” so many times, pushing the rock uphill only to have it slide all the way back to ground zero before reaching the top.  Now I sincerely just want to be “in the flow,” aligned with the most cosmic aspects of my time here on Earth.  Yes, many things have not turned out as I have wished.  Certainly I would not have wished to lose so many friends at relatively young ages, for one thing.  But we do not have control over that. 

I am grateful for the faith that sustains me, which has sustained me through all I went through in my youth, which I shared with you in my book, Falling Over Reno: The True Story of the Skyjacker’s Wife.  Who knew there would be even more dark nights of the soul to get through and learn from, after the events described in that book.  I do look back and marvel at how strong I’ve become. How did that happen, I ask?  There doesn’t seem like there was really any choice. It was sink or swim and I chose to swim!

For this day and time, I want to encourage you to never take for granted the ones you love, even if you see them every day.  Not another day is promised to any of us.  Cherish your dear ones while you can, and create sweet memories.  When we get to have our “Life Review” on the Other Side, after this journey, I am really hoping to see that “You’ve done better than you know.  You’ve helped more than you realize.  And you are closer than you think.” The Universe (to quote a nice post from Facebook today).

Nice thoughts to ponder as I rejoice in my friend’s Spirit soaring Home in such a graceful flight, from a life well-lived.  Bless you, K.P.!

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