Am I related to the famous writer, Robert Louis Stevenson? He was born November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  My mother always told me that he was one of our ancestors. There are certainly some cousins in my family that have that long and lanky Stevenson build like he did.  I’d love to have that Ancestry DNA test done and see if I could find out for sure!  It would be nice to think that kind of writing talent may run through my veins.

One thing we share in common is a love for travel.  He visited Tahiti, as did I, and it remains the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, especially the island of Bora Bora.

I must admit a type of envious admiration for all my friends who have had the freedom to travel so far and wide over the years.  I’ve felt a bit “travel-starved” for the past couple of decades.  I was contemplating the reasons why people enjoy traveling.  I remember when I was a young girl, hearing the lyrics to a song on the radio. “Those far away places…” really enticed me.  Do you remember this one?

Far away places with strange sounding names
Far away over the sea
Those far away places with strange sounding names
Are calling, calling me

Going to China or maybe Siam
I want to see for myself
Those far away places I’ve been reading about
In a book that I took from the shelf

I start getting restless whenever I hear
The whistles of a train
I pray for the day I can get under way
And look for those castles in Spain

Oh they call me a dreamer
Well maybe I am
But I know that I’m burning to see
Those far away places with strange sounding names
Calling, calling me


Published by:  Lyrics © BOURNE CO.

Well, those far-away places are still calling to me, especially the ones with the strange-sounding names.  Partly it’s for the adventure, the enjoyment of new sights, smells, tastes, and sounds in a new and colorful settings.  But lately I’m realizing a big part of what makes travel so exciting for most people is the sense of FREEDOM that it brings! Freedom from the “ordinary,” from our usual duties, from the same old-same old expectations and duties that are put upon us (or we put upon ourselves) in our regular work-a-day worlds…the chance to experience something NEW which might inform our consciousness of new ways of thinking, of doing things, even new foods to enjoy, all of which can give us the ability to be ever-more grateful to the Creator of this incredibly beautiful planet.

What does freedom really mean for you?  In recent years, it has been dawning on me more and more that true freedom has at is core, the ability to be genuine in every situation.  Giving ourselves “permission” to be our authentic selves does not mean that we forsake good manners, kindness and compassion.  I’ve found that the more we extend these qualities to our own dear selves, the more we are able to extend them to others.  When we “show up” as the person we were born to be, and long to be, in our true authenticity, guess what? It gives everyone else in the room a kind of subtle “permission” to be themselves, too!  So that’s an incredible gift of freedom to give to anyone else we meet…once we have learned to allow ourselves the freedom to express and be our true selves.  For me, that certainly includes sharing my sense of humor, however warped that may seem to others. I’m glad I can laugh at my own jokes. LOL.

Since publishing my first book Falling Over Reno: The True Story of the Skyjacker’s Wife, and watching it go to #1 Best Seller in two categories on Amazon, that has somehow allowed me to “find my voice” which has been a delightful development. I plan to start on my second book next month, so stay tuned! And big thanks to all of you who have bought my book and let others know about it.   Blessings, love and laughter to all, Mary IMG_4016