It’s somewhat of a mystery to me, as I witness the deep spiritual truths pouring through my fingers to the written pages of my second book, how far I’ve come from where I started to this stronger version of myself. I am grateful that the path of knowledge of higher spiritual truths that I embarked upon so many years ago has brought me to this point of peace and some degree of wisdom.

It certainly wasn’t always this way. Leaving home as a timid and highly insecure 16-year-old, practically afraid of my own shadow, I’ve had to come a long way, baby.

I have taken many self-development courses and seminars, read many books about relationships and spirituality, and of course my daily practice of meditation for over 40 years now, all get major credit for this growth I’ve experienced. Certainly, having faith in God is indispensable and that has been the solid rock that has grounded me through the more difficult chapters of life. Sometimes though, we need something more tangible, or one could say God needs to show up through the special people in our lives to have concrete experiences which help us fully develop into the women or men we came here to be.

Our willingness to learn and intention to grow in wisdom is the first step of a long and winding path. There have been many miracles in my life, for which I am deeply grateful. There have also been special friends who have made a profound difference when it mattered most.

One such friend for me is Suzy, who was my roommate for a time, back in Iowa. As she witnessed one boyfriend put me through a lot of hell and heart break, she was my pillar of strength when I most needed one. Sensitive to my feelings but never letting me sink into victim consciousness, we shared many laughs, and she really kicked my butt when I needed it, to make me stronger. I learned to be resilient by her example and the “tough love” she dispensed when she felt it was called for. We worked together and had some fun adventures in our travels for work. Travels with Suzy were never a bore!

When we were much younger, there were many times Suzy would travel the world, often all by herself, to some exotic locales. What an intrepid adventurer and thus role model for me. She is also one of several dear friends who pushed me to write my first book. It is hard to convey how much more confident I feel since writing and publishing that book. I had to learn to give myself permission to “express my truth,” as it were.

Do you have a Suzy in your life? A woman or man who has prodded you to be your best when you may have felt like giving into an abyss of self pity? Cherish such a friend in a world of superficial connections, for they are the lasting diamonds of real value – the souls who see your inner strength and character and reflect that image back to you until you are able to look into the mirror of life and see it for yourself.

For such a friend, I have endless gratitude and give credit to her own strength of character for helping me to find mine. As Bette Midler sings it, “You are the wind beneath my wings.”

I’m excited to share with you my first radio interview as an author which took place on January 27 and it will be replayed on February 3 at 4:00 p.m. EST. I was interviewed along with fellow author Dr. Elaine Yoshikawa on Reverend Evelyn Foreman’s The Call of Spirit show on Our Episode is title “Right Your Story.”

Mary Stevenson - Author