This will explain how I came to write my book Falling Over Reno: The True Story of the Skyjacker’s Wife:
Have you heard that saying “don’t die with your music in you”? Well, the same thing can apply to the “book inside” you, which many of us have been carrying around, sometimes for many years. The Wall Street Journal did a survey some time back, and 81% of their readers who participated felt that, yes, they did have a book that their inner guidance was asking them to write.
Over the years, I’ve learned to listen to my inner guidance, and it always pays off. That was the case when I uprooted myself from a wonderful community of dear, spiritual friends in Boulder, Colorado to move here to Sedona, Arizona last May. I did not know all the “reasons” before-hand, but simply felt that this was the next step on my journey. It didn’t take long to find out the big Cosmic Why. In August I attended one of Tom Bird’s talks about his “Write Your Best Seller in a Weekend” 3.5 day retreats here. The way that my story flowed out of my heart, through my fingers and onto the pages was simply magical. I was writing at a rate of 2380 words per hour, even in his introductory talk exercises that evening.
Thus in late August, 2014, I attended Tom Bird’s retreat and my book was completely written. The true story that I had carried around for some 42 years now, was all out there on the pages. In the subsequent months I worked on the revisions, inserting the research and the letters home from prison that my then-boyfriend had written me. I had carried those around in a notebook all these many years, and never opened it until I started writing my book. What an experience.
Some part of me must have always known that I would want to write this amazing and unique true crime story/love story one day, so that I saved those letters. But I always felt too busy to sit down and grind out a book just using my ego, intellect and left brain abilities etc. This “Author Within” right brain flow of creativity was what I needed to find to make it happen.
If my story interests you, you can sign up to be on my once-a-month newsletter program and thus be able to download one free chapter of my book. Falling Over Reno: The True Story of the Skyjacker’s Wife is the story that was inside me. It is available on It took a lot of courage to share such a personal journey, but this book wanted to be born. This was the right time for it. – Mary Stevenson FacebookNewPhoto21814