My first book gained #1 Bestseller status on August 27, in two categories on Amazon.

I am feeling blessed, empowered, fulfilled to finally have gotten part of my “song out of me” while time remains on this voyage of Earth life. 

Another book may find its way from my heart, through my fingers and onto the page.  The process has been so amazing, from the outset, when I enrolled in Tom Bird’s Write Your Best Seller in a Weekend 3.5 day retreat here in Sedona. He puts on several of those a year. That really did work for me. I got my book written during that weekend, and a good start on revisions.

Many people let their fears and doubts block them from writing the story their soul may want to share.  The typical fears include thoughts like “well, who would ever want to read MY story?” and “Oh, this would just be a waste of time,” etc. But I can guarantee you, if you have being feeling the impulse to write, that is your own book “pushing on you” from the Other Side, where it already exists in completeness, and begging for a chance “to be born.”

I would be happy to share a few pointers with you if you care to write me. is how you can reach me privately.  Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, there is a purpose for writing your book, often far deeper than your conscious mind can imagine.  Some time later, you would see that for yourself, as the positive feedback starts coming in.

Which brings me to one of my main points that “Everything happens for a reason.”  Intuition just means “inner knowing” – it does not give at that moment that it is bubbling up within us, all the “reasons” that the left brain logical mind wants. “He/She who hesitates is lost.” PLEASE do not get bogged down listening to your Inner Critic!! We all have one. It needs to be put in its place.

Having reached one of my goals with my Best Seller status…I want to offer encouragement to others who may have felt a book “stuck inside them” for years, as well. After all, mine had to wait 42 years to see the light of day. If I can do it, you can do it. It’s as simple as that. Of course, I was fortunate (because I let myself follow inner guidance to come to Sedona where I met Tom Bird) to find the WAY to write quickly, clearly, from the heart and soul instead of from that old left brain, intellect side, which I knew for years I could not be bothered with. If I’m going to take on a big project, I’ve got to have the most cutting edge tools and streamlined method to get it done.  

So please take heart, all you would-be writers out there.  You can manifest your dreams of being an author. Have some courage and faith, take some steps of action, and don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions.  I went from starting out as a first-time writer just one year ago, to publishing my book and seeing it rise to #1 status on August 27.  All of those steps took focus, consistently and with dedication, and it all paid off.  Seems like a miracle, even now.  

Make a promise to yourself that you will not deprive yourself of the Joy of Writing, if that is what is in your own heart to do.