It’s nearly summertime, a season so many of us look forward to as a time to relax more, relish the longer days and enjoy getting out into Nature more and celebrating with friends.  Coming up soon, I’m visiting some very dear friends who were my “spiritual family” in Boulder, Colorado for 18 years, before I moved here to Sedona, and I’m surely looking forward to it!

After our seasons of hard work, we all deserve a vacation, a get-away-from-it-all adventure, with the possibility for breakthroughs, exciting new experiences, and “aha” moments, plus the chance to make new friends, too.

As we pack for our upcoming vacations, let’s remember to pack carefully on the spiritual level as well, protecting our inner sacred space, and taking with us only those core beliefs that will serve our Highest Good, as our deepest beliefs will attract many new experiences to us this season.

The spiritual message at Unity of Sedona today was very uplifting, and as usual, thought-provoking.  We are fortunate to have Michael Mirdad as our spiritual leader, with the excellent insights he brings, supported by his great sense of humor, but always, profound depth in his weekly message.

We were reminded today that this earthly life we are living for a finite period of time is not much more than a hologram and certainly full of many illusions, which can trip us up, on our mission to remember and experience our oneness with God.  He spoke about “attachments” and also the reverse, as so many on the spiritual path attempt to be “unattached” which when it comes from the Ego, and takes effort, is just another form of attachment…the kind that has to do with “looking good” in spiritual circles, etc.  It is just so much denial.

There is a joyous state of true freedom that comes as we remember to “run to God” vs. believing that running into the arms of any other human being is going to bring us lasting happiness, joy or peace.  Our human personality self so loves to try and control the outcomes of all events, but good luck with that.  It is better to be in that innocent state of trust that the Divine really is working out all the details to our ultimate good.  I’ve certainly seen through time the more I try to control ANY outcomes the less success I have.  It’s nice to see how the opposite is true, and how many things fall into place that are in my favor, when I do not “try” at all!

I believe that we all want to make a difference while in this journey on Planet Earth.  There is tremendous satisfaction when we have a sense of “job well done,” isn’t there?  While I KNOW that once I make my transition to the Other Side, that higher dimension will be SO much more blissful than anything that existence in this three-dimensional relative world with all its limitations can bring, yet there is a fear that crops up of “dying too soon.”  I really, really want to accomplish all the things I put on my plate to do, as part of the blueprint for this lifetime, prior to incarnating here this time around.  So the emotion that comes up is mostly a fear of “running out of time” before I get the opportunity to get all those things done.  Here’s another chance for me to surrender to the Higher Guidance, which I am sure will help me in this very cause.

The choices we make and the results that they bring – here’s a great topic for discussion!  There have been numerous difficult crossroads in my life at which points I could have chosen harshness, stubbornness, and a real set-in-my-ways attitude, but I chose kindness. I chose compassion. I chose forgiveness. Yes, in some incidents that was certainly easier said than done, but I made the CHOICE to live my life according to those universal spiritual principles. It has paid off in terms of the amount of inner peace I feel, most of the time (when not giving in to stress and worry).

The experts say that in relationships, we have to make the choice “to show up” if we expect to have any success in that field. I have been with partners who just were not showing up at all, and I’m sure that you have, too. It is painful when we finally realize that we are the ones putting in close to 100% of the efforts and the other party…not so much.  Then we need to choose to love ourselves, have healthy boundaries and stay true to our own values, which means living life according to the moral and ethical principles we have chosen to live by.  I believe that living a life of integrity does bring its own rich inner rewards.

We need to learn to be our own “best friend” for if we do not treat ourselves and our needs with respect, who else will? In romantic relationships especially, we need to model to the other person the dignity with which we expect to be treated, by treating both them and ourselves in that manner.  Making these choices will make a huge difference in our own lives and the lives of all those with whom we live, interact, and love.

by Mary Stevenson, Author of Falling Over Reno: The True Story of the Skyjacker’s Wife